Deportation Defense

Your Deportation Attorneys

Deportation is the common term for removing someone from the United States and returning them to their country of origin.  This process can often involve arresting and detaining someone first, placing the individual in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  The individual’s case is then heard by an Immigration Judge who will evaluate their eligibility to remain the United States.

While deportation often results in the separation of families and the destruction of lives built in this country, our firm has been able to help many win their deportation cases and lawfully remain in the United States.  At the Khan Law Firm, Inc., we have helped secure our clients’ release from detention by way of bond, and have helped them win their deportation cases entirely, allowing them to continue to live with their families here in America.

Although every case is different with each client having different defenses from deportation, our firm expertly advocates for our client’s rights.  Having experienced attorneys working for you and your family on a deportation case is crucial to its success, especially since the new policies of President Trump greatly expand the category of people ICE is now seeking to deport.  If you or your family know someone in deportation proceedings, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment and learn how the Khan Law Firm, Inc. can help.